Change your relationship

...change your life.

Most relationship problems are due to a lack of connection

Let's go ahead and build that connection in your relationship

One of the major causes and main symptoms of disconnection is jealousy. There are three main reasons why people are jealous or react automatically to trigger situations:

Being connected means that you know that you are loved and accepted the way you are and that you also love and accept your partner for who they are. 
It means that you choose to love them EVEN IF they don't behave the way you want them to. It means that you put the person over the concept. It means that you love them no matter what.

Real connection in romantic relationships is rare. This is mostly due to the relationship concept in our society. 

In order for you to let go of jealousy and deeply connect with your partner we have to first find out what it is for you that keeps you from building that connection. Then we can heal those root causes and reprogram your thinking around your relationship.

❣  Insecurities considering one's worth and loveability
❣  Own past relationship experiences or observed experiences
❣  Adopted/learned general ideas and concepts around  


what does working with me look like?

Depending on your individual situation the length of the stages may vary. Generally I suggest to work at least 4-6 months together, in order to establish a strong foundation for you to build on.

Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

All my sessions are done online via Zoom calls. This means that you can work with me from literally any part of the world. I offer coaching in English or German. 
In the course of our work together we will pass through three main stages:

In this stage we will mainly explore all the different factors that contribute to you feeling jealous and to disconnection in your relationship.

Now that we know what is going on, we will develop an individual solution for you (and your partner) that will help you make the transfer from disconnection and jealousy to deep love and connection.

Towards the end of our time together we will develop strategies for you to keep working towards connection even in moments of setback.

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Watch the video for more information:

I. Discovery:

II. Solution development: 

III. Outlook for the future: 

The problem may be in your relationship, but the solution is in you.

you aren't only investing in your relationship, you are investing in the quality of your whole life.

couples coaching

transform your relationship - transform your life

In individual and couple sessions we will first find out what the real reason behind your problem is . Then we will heal that root cause and you will learn how to actively build connection in your relationship while you're at the same time shifting your mindset from insecurity/anxiety/jealousy, disconnection and judgement towards connection, self-confidence and unconditional love for each other.  Sounds good?


individual coaching

it takes only one to make a change

Your partner does not want to invest or you don't want them to know you are getting help?  Or are you currently not in a relationship but want to make sure you are ready to love again after a painful experience?
No problem. It really takes only one to significantly improve a relationship. In 1:1. coaching sessions we will uncover why you really are feeling anxious, insecure and/or jealous and we will then find solutions for your individual reason.


"I found it at least as useful as any therapy I’ve had, and better than some of it."

- MiChael A., London, UK

This is for you if:

- MiChael A., London, UK

You are ready to invest in yourself and in your relationship

You are willing to go deep and question your old beliefs

You REALLY want to make a change

This is not for you if:

You have to sell your house in order to work with me.

You want a fast and easy solution (there is no fast and easy solution to this problem)

You are married to your beliefs about what a relationship is supposed to look like (in that case you will most likely not find a true solution to your problem)

the investment

is this right for you?

the result

after 6 months of coaching you will:

what i cannot promise:

See yourself, your partner and your relationship in a completely different light

Know yourself a lot better and understand where your jealousy came from

Know how to process intense emotions like jealousy and anxiety

Have a plan for how to let go of jealousy once and for all

That you will never feel jealous again (changing thoughts for good takes longer than 6 months. You are welcome to book another 6 months of coaching with me)

That your relationship will last (there are two people involved in a realtionship and people also change their minds.)

Know that you will be ok no matter what (self-esteem)



For a limited amount of time