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Hi, my name is Martina Booth and I am The Jealousy Coach. I do relationships differently.

I spent most of my twenties in difficult relationships, trying to cope with jealous partners and to manage my own insecurities. Then I met my husband and I learned how when you really connect with someone on a deep level, there is no need for jealousy or insecurity because it simply doesn’t matter.

Now I help others let go of jealousy and build that incredible connection that I have with my husband.

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Jealousy doesn’t need to dictate your life or your relationship.
In 1:1 coaching sessions we will explore what causes you to feel jealous and insecure (hint: it is most likely not what you think it is). We will uncover and heal the root-cause of your jealous thoughts and feelings and I will help you to let go of jealousy once and for all. 

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Jealousy is one of the major signs and main causes of disconnection in a relationship. The potential infidelity is, however, never the actual problem. Therefore, the solution is also not in making sure it doesn't happen. 
In individual and couple sessions we will uncover the real reason behind the jealousy in your relationship. Together we will then find your individual solution for building true love and connection.

Client success stories

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“Martina helped me when my new relationship was suffering from my severe bouts of jealousy. She helped me see that the battles I was facing were with my own thoughts.
She gave me the tools I need to stop and weigh up what was actually happening and that it was purely thoughts causing me so much torment inside. I use these tools daily and I am slowly managing to change the way I think.“

— Kerri-Ann M., Scotland, UK


“Martina is so easy to talk to, I’ve only spoken with her on 3 meetings and can’t believe how different she has got me to think and feel about my life problems. I feel she asks me questions I’ve never been asked before and it makes me realise how big in my own head I've made something into, when it’s just not needed. I’ve recommended one of my own friends to speak with Martina, so would definitely recommend her to anyone needing that boost of confidence.” 

— Tracey C., Manchester, UK

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