My name is

relationship visionary

emotional artist


why do I help people build connection?

because it is the reason why we have relationships

The vast majority of relationship problems are due to a lack of connection between the partners. The way relationships are seen in our society prevents most people from ever establishing true connection. 

True connection is when we love our partners for who they are and not for the relationship concept that we are projecting on them. We do this by taking care of our own needs instead of expecting our partner to do that for us, we do this by realizing that our partner is a free human and is able and allowed to make their own decisions and that we don't always have to like those decisions in order to love them. We do this by understanding what does concern us and what does not. We do this by learning to manage our minds and communicate better. Last but not least, we do this by healing our own past and by questioning our automatic programming about relationships.

While the concept of connection is simple, it is not always easy to change your way of thinking after you have been literally programmed to think that way for your whole life. This is where I come in.

"I don't want you not to do something just because I wouldn't like it."

- My husband

My Story

I spent most of my twenties looking for love and connection. I went through various relationships, always having the same problem:

I felt guilty for being me. I felt guilty for the thoughts that I was having about other guys (or girls) and sometimes also about the actions I was taking. More than once I ended relationships because I thought that I had ruined it anyway and that if they knew who I really was they wouldn't want me anymore. 
At the same time I also did not understand why you have to break up with your partner if they like, flirt or even sleep with someone else. 

With every new relationship my insecurity and self-doubt became worse, because now it wasn't only about the things I had done in that relationship but I started thinking that I as a person was somehow bad and unloveable and that if anyone really knew me they would probable decide not to be with me.

Things changed when I met my husband...

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how i found connection

When I got engaged I made a brave decision. Because I didn't want to get married based on a lie, I decided to tell my husband everything about me. So I started telling him all the "ugly" truths about me, one after the other. I told him all the things I had done and all the thoughts that I was having.

And to my surprise he did not leave. With every little piece of information that I shared I felt our bond getting stronger. Because I deeply felt loved and accepted for who I am. 
This is how I learned about connection. 

You can't find fulfillment in a relationship by simply setting up rules and expecting them to be respected. True fulfillment comes from loving unconditionally and feeling accepted just as you are.  It comes from the feeling of real human connection. 

"Because of martina it was possible for me to lift my relationship to a next level. There is now so much harmony and love in my life. Martina is such a gift!"

- Alena G., STuttgart, Germany

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